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Dated:  January 24, 1995

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RICHMOND,  VA,  January 16, 1995 -- Universal Corporation announced today that
earnings  from  continuing  operations for fiscal year 1995 are expected to be
below management's previous estimate of approximately $50 million.

The  general  market  trends  in  the  leaf  industry  are  improving right on
forecast.    Inventories worldwide are down, and customer demand is improving.
As of this moment, there are no known major problems in crop qualities, and in
the  case  of  Universal,  the ongoing restructuring program is also generally
very much on track.

The  difference  in  current  expectations for fiscal year 1995 versus earlier
estimates  is  primarily  related  to disappointing results from operations in
Eastern  Europe.  Anticipated sales in that region are sharply down due to the
extremely  depressed  economic  situation  prevailing, and these reduced sales
will result in write-downs of inventories and outstanding customer obligations
for  which pre-tax provisions of about $6.5 million will be included in second
quarter  results.  Due to uncertainly as to when economic recovery will permit
resumption  of  normal  trading  levels in the area, management has decided to
reshape  operations  and  reduce  overhead  related  to  Eastern Europe, and a
further  restructuring provision is anticipated prior to the end of the fiscal

Looking  forward  to  next  year, the favorable trends noted above should help
results  in most major markets.  However, monetary policies in Brazil have led
t o    a  significantly  overvalued  Brazilian  real,  which  will  result  in
substantially  higher  export  costs  for  the  new crop, and could affect the
timing  of  sales  and  margin improvement in that region.  At this point, the
prospects  for  timely devaluation of the real are not strong.  In Africa, the
Company  expects normal to increased demand, and in the United States, current
indications  are  for  satisfactorily increased volumes.  At this stage, it is
too  early  to  estimate  how  the  differing local situations will affect the
magnitude of the Company's earnings recovery.

Universal  Corporation  is  a  diversified company with operations in tobacco,
lumber,  and agri-products.  Its gross revenues for the fiscal year that ended
on June 30, 1994, were approximately $3 billion.